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Lyndsey Lyons is a love and sex therapist out
of Boulder. Her passion is helping others
move through shame and fear that prevents
them from living to their fullest, both in their
personal lives and in connection with others.

Lyndsey's approach is rooted in a deep belief
that we are already whole - our nature is
compassionate, caring, and loving. Her goal is
to help you empower yourself to uncover
blockages and move into abundance in your
life and relationships. She graduated from
Naropa University with an MA in Contemplative
Psychotherapy. Lyndsey is additionally
informed by her training in
meditation/mindfulness, trauma, and tantra
sexuality. Each session is tailored to your
unique needs and history, she'll work together
with you to ensure that you are supported
during this journey.

"Sexual energy is life energy, energy of
connection.  I help my clients understand and
channel their wellspring of sexual energy
towards meaningful and deep connection with
themselves and others. The erotic is not
something we do, but is a part of who we are."

Areas of focus:
Healing sexual trauma
Exploring fetish/kink
Alternative relationship dynamics
Compulsive sexual behavior
Sexual education and coaching
Sophia L. O’Connor is a practicing
relationship, sex and intimacy therapist in
Boulder. She works with clients of all
different backgrounds and demographics,
specializing in non-traditional sexual
practices and those looking to deepen
their relationship to desire and
embodiment of pleasure.

Sophia celebrates diversity and engages
in building a therapeutic relationship
between her and her clients that cultivates
trust, warmth and mutuality.

"I believe that we are all inherently healthy
and that healing is always possible given
the right support."

Sophia is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in
Human Sexuality while practicing as a
therapist at The Ministry of Boulder.